Progress in digitising nursing care in Germany
Germany is an advanced country, which is quite developed in technology, and digitization is one of the key factors of this era. Just like other fields, the medical and healthcare system has also adopted digitization in most of its activities. The adoption of digital infrastructure by physicians has increased recently in Germany. According to a recent study, around 90 per cent of general practitioners are connected to the telematics infrastructure, which is the backbone of
Working in Germany can be an exciting experience, however working in healthcare system has not been easy after facing the effects of covid-19. One of the best things for nurses from foreign countries is that Germany still needs more and more nursing staff to strengthen and expand its healthcare system. As part for this process and due to changing regulations, just like other countries, as of March 2022 onwards, Germany has also made vaccination mandatory
The process for admission, registration and the remuneration after the adaption program in Germany is simple at CareLend. It is quoted for only 4500 euros & 500 euros as registration fees with an assured employment contract at the end of the program with a minimum salary of 1800 euros per month from the time they land in Germany… a dream come true for most nurses! To join the CareLend programs in Germany, nurses primarily need
The education system in all the German states is uniformly well-organized & designed to be highly accessible to all students, right up to the university level, irrespective of their financial capacity. In short, German Public Schools – (elementary, secondary, or vocational) generally have no tuition fees. Compulsory education dictates that all students between the ages of 6 – 15 years need to attend school consistently and then start a university education by the age of
All applicants from EU countries can directly work as a nurse in Germany & many of the employers themselves, offer qualification programs to help the applicant become a full-fledged, qualified nurse. As a non-EU citizen, if you already have finished a nurse training abroad there might be the option to start as a nurse or nurse helper in Germany. (Depending on whether your foreign degree is recognized in Germany) If your degree needs an additional
Germany is one of the 10 countries in the world with a large population over the age of 65. According to some statistics, the care sector in Germany will need 150,000 new nurses by 2025. Therefore, it is not surprising that the country is actively recruiting nursing staff from abroad to look after its citizens in their golden years. Thanks to the excellent living conditions in Germany, a significant portion of the population enjoys the
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