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You can choose content on numerous online platforms, depending on what you want to learn and how good your knowledge is. At the Goethe-Institute, you will find various free offers with which you can test your knowledge of German. Take an interactive trip through Germany, for example, or try your understanding of the everyday language. Here are a few tips:

You can also practice your vocabulary flexibly with the Deutsch trainer app on the go or take part in one of the adventure games.

You can register for free in the “Deutsch für dich” community. Here, you can participate in interactive learning games and expert chats or exchange ideas with other users.

On the Internet portal “Mein Weg nach Deutschland,” you can practice German with photos, films, games and tasks, and discuss interesting topics with other German learners.

My ticket to Berlin” accompanies two teams of teachers from all over the world on their journey through Germany. The goal: Berlin! Accompany the six candidates in their exciting challenges in this competition and get to know Germany.

On the 24h German channel, the young German teacher Ida takes you through a typical day in Germany. In addition to a new topic to learn German, each episode gives you an insight into authentic young Germany.

Learn German for work

Technical terms and many foreign words: Anyone who speaks German at work often has a unique vocabulary. On the following pages, you will find tips and support to speak German at work.

The diverse free online exercises on the platform enable you to deepen your knowledge of the language and customs at work in Germany.
On the Deutsche Welle website, you can not only find out about the latest news from Germany and the world. With many, partly interactive offers, you can practice and expand your German depending on your previous knowledge:

The placement test, for which you can register free of charge, helps you find out your current language level to expand your knowledge with tailor-made exercises.

With the Deutsch trainer, you can learn vocabulary and improve your pronunciation.

· The telenovela “Jojo sucht das Glück” offers interactive exercises with which you can improve your grammar and colloquial language. You will also learn interesting facts about the country and its people.

You can find a more detailed overview of the diverse multimedia learning opportunities offered by Deutsche Welle here. The site is available in 30 different languages.

Do you speak English but are unsure of German? No problem! The BBC has an English-language website where you can find information and instructions for learning German:

English language placement test: With a placement test, you can better assess your previous
knowledge of the German language.

Idioms: The audiovisual list with German keywords and everyday sentences will help you master the
first steps in everyday German life.

Videos: The BBC’s videos on German customs are also very entertaining.

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