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You have successfully started your first week at work and the baker next door also knows which bread roll you like for breakfast. You would like to improve your German now. Or you would like to learn more about Germany and its traditions such as “dinner”. You can do that in one Integration course to do.

What is an integration course?

Integration courses are language and orientation courses. This is about everyday things such as work & career, shopping, television & radio or bringing up children. Visiting authorities, writing e-mails or letters and job interviews are also topics. But you can also get to know the country itself from all sides: culture and politics, living together in Germany and the values ​​of German society. The language course usually consists of 600 hours of instruction, the orientation course of 100 hours. Special types of courses are offered for women, parents or young adults up to the age of 27, among others. At the end of the course there is a free final exam for all course participants.

Who can do an integration course?

The integration courses are intended for everyone who is new to Germany and who is not yet able to cope with everyday German with ease. Whether you are allowed to attend a course or are possibly obliged to attend a course depends on your country of origin and your knowledge of German. Here we have put together the most important rules for participation:

As a citizen of the EU, you are invited to take part in an integration course if you want to learn or refine your German within the framework of free course places. However, you are not obliged to do so.

You can also participate as a non-EU citizen. If your knowledge of German is not yet particularly good, you may be required to do so. Do you work and don’t have the time to attend a full or part-time course? Then you can be exempted from taking part in the course. She will tell you whether you can or must attend a course foreigners Authority(A foreigners authority (or immigration office) is an authority that has the task of implementing the Residence Act and clarifying the legal status of immigrants. As a rule, there are immigration authorities in every district or city.) when issuing your residence permit.

Special conditions apply to German citizens and German returnees.

You can find an overview of the relevant regulations and costs on the website of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

How to find an integration course

  • If you come from a country outside the EU, go to the immigration office in your area, where you will receive the certificate of eligibility (permission to take part in an integration course).
  • EU citizens can apply for admission to an integration course at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.
  • Then look for a course provider. The immigration office or the migration advice center can help you here. The search is also very simple using the BAMF’s WebGIS online information system.
  • When you have found a course provider near you, drop by or give them a call. The course provider will then select a suitable integration course with you and inform you about the start of the course.

Your advantages

Regular lessons with well-trained teachers allow you to make German your language very quickly. Everyday life is fun and you settle in quickly. And the final exam offers you further advantages: At the end you will receive a “Certificate of Integration Course “. If you have this, you can be entitled to it after seven instead of eight years in Germany naturalization(Naturalization is understood to mean the acquisition of citizenship of a certain state by filing an application.) acquire.

Another plus: if you pass the final exam within two years of being admitted to the course, you will be reimbursed half of your course fee.

Where you can still learn German

In addition to the integration course, there are numerous other courses on offer in Germany. Find out where else you can learn German  in the “ Learn German ” section.

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