Report to the local employment agency
if you are still looking for work

If, as a returnee, you do not start work immediately after you arrive in Germany, you may be able to receive benefits in the form of Unemployment benefits take advantage of. For this, you have to contact the local employment agency personally. Report. If you do not have your place of residence in Germany, you do not have to register, as is otherwise required, no later than three months before the end of the employment relationship. However, if you worked abroad as a posted worker or cross-border commuter and kept your place of residence in Germany, the period of three months remains unchanged. In this case, you can also register as unemployed by telephone, in writing or online, or you can register as soon as you return to Germany. Advice on open questions and placement support in the run-up to your return can be obtained from the BA’s central foreign and specialist placement service at ZAV.Hotline-Germany@arbeitsagentur.de or 0049-228 713 1313.

  • You can register as unemployed by telephone at this number: 0049- 911 1203 1010
  • You can register as unemployed online here.
  • Further information on registering as unemployed can be found on the website of the Federal Employment Agency.

Proof of entitlement to
benefits from unemployment insurance

You can take unemployment insurance benefits to Germany from countries within the EU, the EEA or Switzerland. For this, you need the PD U2 form, which is issued to you by the foreign employment service. If you have any questions about the assumption of benefits from any other country, it is best to contact your local employment agency.

Obtaining from Unemployment benefit

In principle, unemployed people in Germany are only entitled to financial support if they work in Germany that is subject to compulsory insurance before registering as unemployed and submitting an application. For this reason, returnees are generally not entitled to after they arrive in Germany Unemployment benefit. However, if, as a returnee, you take up insurable employment after your arrival and become unemployed, your working hours in other European countries or countries of the EEA or Switzerland can change to your German Unemployment benefit to be counted on. However, you must be able to prove these times. Since the regulations can be very different from one country to another, it is best to find out more about the local conditions of the evidence on the EURES portal and make an appointment with a local EURES advisor. Further overviews of national regulations can be found on the “Your rights in the individual countries” page of the European Commission. Detailed information can also be found on the information sheet “Unemployment Benefit and Foreign Employment” If you have any questions about the assumption of benefits.

It is best to contact your local employment agency from any other country.

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