German social security

Germany has a well-developed system of social security. If you work subject to social security contributions in Germany, you are usually a member of these five statutory insurances:

Statutory health insurance pays the costs for visits to the doctor as well as for many drugs and therapeutic measures.

The legal care insurance offers basic security in the event that you are permanently dependent on care due to illness. Mostly it affects people of old age.

The statutory pension insurance pays employees a pension after they have retired. Roughly speaking, the amount of the pension is measured primarily on the basis of income and the number of years that you have worked in Germany.

Statutory accident insurance bears the costs of medical treatment and reintegration into working life after an accident at work or in the event of occupational diseases.

Statutory unemployment insurance provides unemployed people with an income for a certain period of time if, as a rule, they have been insured for at least one year in the last two years and are looking for work again. In addition, the Federal Employment Agency (BA) supports anyone looking for a job with advice and placement services..

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