Germany is known worldwide as a car country. But you can also make good progress by plane, bus, train or bike. This is ensured by a dense network of airports, roads, rails and bike paths.
Driving: is my driving license valid in Germany?

Citizens of the EU, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland:
get in, drive off. Driving is that easy for you in Germany. Because: your driving license is valid to the same extent as in your home country. You do not have to have your driver’s license rewritten.

Citizens from another country:
With your driver’s license, you can drive in Germany for six months. This deadline applies from the day on which you register in Germany. At the end of these six months you will need a German driver’s license. Whether you have to take another driving test in Germany for this depends on the country in which you obtained your driving license.

Register your car and have it checked

All cars in Germany must be registered. You can register at the nearest admissions office. Please bring your vehicle registration document (proof that the car belongs to you) and the policy of your auto insurance company with you.

If you bring your car with you from abroad, inquire at the registration office which documents you will also need.

In addition to registration, every car in Germany must pass the general inspection. That means: a specialist must have confirmed that your car is technically safe and meets the official emission standards. He will then stick a test sticker on your car’s license plate. You can have the general inspection carried out by various providers such as an authorized workshop in your area. It must be repeated at regular intervals. Both the general inspection and the registration of your car incur fees.

Please note that environmental zones have been set up in many cities in Germany in order to reduce air pollution with fine dust and nitrogen dioxide. To enter the environmental zones you need a sufficient environmental badge. You can obtain these for a fee from the licensing authorities and other recognized bodies.

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