Bus, train & bike

In and between cities, you can get around very well using public transport. Bus, tram, underground, but also the trains of Deutsche Bahn and its competitors are part of local public transport.

Bus, train, and subway: From your apartment, you will find a stop in a few minutes, where buses, trams, or subways stop several times an hour during the day – in large cities every minute. You can buy tickets either from a ticket machine at the bus stop, directly from the driver, or at the sales points of the transport association that operates the buses or trains. If you use public transport regularly, a weekly, monthly or annual ticket is worthwhile. The longer the ticket is valid, the cheaper the price for the individual journey. Lower prices generally apply to children. Certain groups of people such as schoolchildren and students or the disabled pay reduced prices on the presentation of their ID. Many transport associations also have offers for senior citizens.

Train travel: The train is ideal for trips to other German cities or Europe-wide destinations. As a former state-owned company, Deutsche Bahn is the main provider of train services. It owns the entire rail network in Germany, which it leases to a few regional competitors. You can buy tickets for the trains at the Deutsche Bahn counters or machines in the train station or on the Deutsche Bahn website. In Germany, the train is considered to be a comfortable and fast means of transport. On some routes, long-distance trains run at speeds of up to 300 km / h.

International bus routes: You can also easily get to other European countries from Germany by bus. In every big city, you will find stops for international bus routes at least at the main train station.

Bicycle: As a cyclist, a dense network of cycle paths will lead you to your destination. Remember: Even as a cyclist, you will be checked by the police and misconduct will be punished just like when driving a car. You should therefore always pay attention to the functionality of your bike (especially the lights) and follow the general traffic rules on the “bike”.

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