Entry Requirements

After further training, there are often a wide range of possible applications. Good planning, implementation and follow-up are important so that you can benefit as much as possible from what you have learned.

What are my goals?

Would you like to learn a new language, expand your computer skills or optimize your time management? With further training, you can pursue many different professional goals. You can catch up on missing job-specific knowledge, dare to take part in professional training or additional training privately in addition to your job. A precise objective is also crucial for your employer to provide you with the best possible support.

Who will help you further?

Suppose you have specific questions about the organization at the beginning of your planning. In that case, you can contact professional further training advisors, such as employment agencies, competent chambers, professional associations, adult education centres or the advisors at the educational advice centres of the municipalities and districts. In addition, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research offers an information phone for further training. There you will receive advice on all questions about further education. In many companies, the staff in the HR department will also help you.

Tip: Clarify which goal you are pursuing with further training and involve your employer!

Entry Requirements

Depending on the type of advanced training, there are very different entry requirements, ranging from required school-leaving qualifications to language level requirements and introductory courses. Corresponding knowledge is essential for many advanced training courses and can easily be proven with a certificate.

Certificates are Important!

With many providers, it is customary to submit the proof of performance in German, which means that you have to have your certificate translated beforehand if it is not yet available in German. In the case of German courses, there is usually no separate indication that sufficient knowledge of German (generally at least level B2) is required. You can obtain information about the level of language needed from the provider.

Modular System

In addition, there are so-called modular courses in many areas, which consist of several courses that build on one another. This type, of course, is often used in language courses, for example. You start at a certain level, and then, if the course is successfully passed, you can take part in a higher level.

Tip: Find out about the entry requirements early and check whether you meet all the criteria or whether you still need to qualify!

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