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There are many providers in the training market. In addition to external providers, in-house training courses are widespread in Germany. It is best to first clarify with your supervisor whether you have the opportunity to receive further training in-house.If your company does not have an internal training offer or the appropriate training is not available, you have the option of contacting an external provider. There is a large selection of further education institutes in Germany for internal and external education: (private) universities, chambers of trade and commerce, (private) educational institutes or adult education centres. Please note that external training can be more expensive. Compare the training content and prices of the different providers in advance.

Tip: Before engaging external providers, find out about further training opportunities in your company.

Check Quality

Finding the right training provider is not easy. It is essential that you rely on high quality and that the course content corresponds to your learning goals. The certification of the training provider also plays an important role. Especially with external providers, you should ensure that the organizer is continuously checked and recognized by the state. Recognized certifications are, for example:

AZAV – Accreditation and Licensing Ordinance Employment Promotion

DIN EN ISO 9000ff – Guideline of the German Institute for Standardization

DIN ISO 29990 – Guideline of the International Organization for Standardization

LQW – Learner-oriented quality testing in further education

EFQM – European Foundation for Quality Management

Quality seals of corresponding quality rings or quality seal associations are also widespread, for example, further education Hamburg e. V., further education Hessen e. V. or Wuppertal District. Further information can be found on the Federal Ministry of Education and Research website.

You can also find out more from your colleagues and the Internet about the providers in question and thus assess in advance whether the further training is worthwhile for you. It is also often advisable to talk to the HR department. In many companies, the HR managers take care of the coordination of training management and can give you helpful tips. Answering the following questions can make your choice easier:

Can certification of the provider ensure high quality?

Are the teaching materials up-to-date, and what kind of impression do the rooms make?

How qualified is the teaching staff?

Are the participants instructed to note their learning progress and put what they have learned into practice?

Is it a certified provider?

If you answer these questions positively, you have probably found the right training provider for you.

Tip: Take your time and check carefully whether the provider’s services match your goals and wishes.

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