German schools abroad

What is a German school abroad?

From kindergarten through elementary school to high school graduation: school education “made in Germany”. 140 German schools abroad in 72 countries around the world currently offer training in accordance with German standards. Both German, international and national degrees can be obtained.

Basically, two different types of schools can be distinguished: the “German-speaking schools abroad” and the “encounter schools”. In the German-speaking schools abroad, students are taught entirely in the German language. At meeting schools, lessons are held in German, but also in the respective national language or in English.

Most of the German schools abroad are designed as meeting schools. In addition to German children who live with their parents abroad, the doors of the schools abroad are also open to children of other nationalities. Of the more than 85,000 students who attend these schools abroad around the world, around 70 percent are not German and are learning German as a foreign language.

At German schools abroad, not only knowledge and language skills are imparted. The schools attach great importance to an intercultural exchange and actively maintain partnerships with schools in Germany. This gives schoolchildren the opportunity – as part of an exchange – to get to know Germany on site.

The interactive world map ” Local contact person ” shows you within a few clicks whether there is a German school abroad in the country in which you want to send your children to school. Alternatively, you can also use the world map of the PASCH initiative “Schools: Partners for the Future”.


The German schools abroad offer various degrees. In addition to the classic German Abitur, there is also the option of a German International Abitur examination (DIAP) as well as the International Baccalaureate (IB) and the Mixed Language International Baccalaureate (GIB). Find out more about the different degrees here.

German Abitur

At the German schools abroad, pupils can acquire the German Abitur. It denotes the highest German school leaving certificate. The examination for the German Abitur follows the same guidelines at all German schools abroad, most of which also correspond to the standards applicable to schools in Germany. The content of the lessons and thus the basis for the Abitur exams are also determined by a uniform curriculum. With the certificate, the general higher education entrance qualification is finally certified. The German Abitur is a globally recognized quality certificate. It is equivalent to all national and international secondary qualifications and enables you to study at a university in Germany and worldwide.

German International Abitur Examination (DIAP)

Another possibility to acquire the general higher education entrance qualification is the German International Abitur Examination (DIAP), often also called the German International Abitur. It has been offered at German schools abroad since 2009. With this degree, parts of the written and oral exams are carried out in a foreign language, and the classic exam is supplemented by a colloquium. As a result, the DIAP has a particularly international character and promotes bilingual and independent learning. Just like the German Abitur, this qualification enables you to study in Germany and at many universities worldwide.


The IB and GIB are paid international school degrees offered by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). The curriculum is the same worldwide and the statements entitle in most countries in the world to receive a degree.

Some German schools abroad offer the opportunity to acquire the IB. The GIB is currently offered at 30 German schools abroad. In contrast to the IB, the GIB contains a high proportion of German: half of the six compulsory subjects are taught and examined in German, the other half in Spanish, English or French. For more information, please contact a local German school abroad.

Dual training and technical college

Some German schools abroad offer dual training and the technical college. With this practice-oriented education, graduates have good career opportunities around the world.

The dual training

The dual training based on the German model enjoys a high international reputation and is an export hit. At German schools abroad, it is mainly offered in the commercial area. The combination of theory and professional practice enables the trainees to get started quickly. Theoretical lessons alternate at German schools abroad and practical training directly in the company, usually in the national language. The final examination takes place at a German Chamber of Commerce Abroad (AHK).

Technical college

Technical colleges offer pupils the opportunity to obtain a technical college entrance qualification. This practice-oriented educational path is also offered at some German schools abroad. The technical college can be attended from the 11th grade and combines theoretical lessons with job-related internships. At German schools abroad, this educational path is offered in the areas of business and administration as well as health and social affairs.

These German schools abroad offer dual training courses and/or the technical college.

Admission requirements and costs

There are no uniform Admission requirements for the German schools abroad. The respective school management decides on admission. The schools must check whether all requirements for successful school attendance have been met.

German schools abroad are run by private providers, so there are fees for attending school. The school determines the amount of the costs independently. For more information, please contact the local German school abroad or use the website of the school you want.

The German language is an integral part of training at a German school abroad. It is therefore advantageous to master the basics of the German language at the start of school – however, it is usually not absolutely necessary for admission. For children whose German is not yet sufficient to follow the lessons, additional support measures are offered depending on the school.

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