Visa application forms

You need an application form for your visa application. Please fill out the form and submit it with the required documents to the German embassy responsible for you.

Visa, Residence And Settlement Permit Fees

If you have a visa, residence or permanent residence permit, you usually must pay fees. The amount of these fees depends on your stay’s location, length, and purpose.



The fee for a visa is generally 75 euros for all visa types. You can usually pay this at the German embassy or consulate in your local currency. For the initial application for a residence permit and a blue card EU, the maximum fee is 100 euros. The fee for a settlement permit is 147 euros Stand: 2021.

Under certain circumstances, however, you may receive a fee reduction or even be exempt from fees. For example, there are no visa fees for spouses or children of German nationals. Even if you receive a grant from public funds during your stay in Germany, you do not have to pay any visa fees. You can obtain further information on the subject from the German embassy responsible for you (regarding the fees for a visa) or the responsible one foreigner’s Authority (concerning the fees for a residence or settlement permit). The Federal Foreign Office also provides an overview of visa fees.

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