5 reasons for naturalization

Naturalization (Naturalization is understood to mean the acquisition of citizenship of a certain state by applying.) Become a citizen of Germany and thus also a citizen of the

European Union - with all rights and obligations:

You will have more of a say: You can participate in elections in your municipality and your state and at the federal or European level. You can also run for parliament yourself and actively represent your interests politically.

Free access to all professions: You can freely choose your profession in Germany. You can then, for example, also work as a civil servant in the public service.

The European Union is open to you: If you are not already a citizen of an EU country, you can now enjoy full benefits with the German passport Freedom of movement within Europe. This opens up even more opportunities: You can study, work and live in the EU, the EEA countries and Switzerland without restrictions.

Travelling is made easy: You can enjoy travel and visa facilitation in many countries outside of Europe.

Less bureaucracy: you don't need one residence permit more and no longer need to foreigners Authority

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