Language acquisition visa

Are you interested in attending an intensive language course in Germany that is not used to prepare for your studies? This is possible with a visa for language acquisition in accordance with Section 16f subsection 1 of the Residence Act.

You can find out whether you need a visa to enter Germany in the Who needs a visa?

Which requirements must be met for the issue
a visa to attend a language course?

You have received admission to an intensive German language course. As a rule, this is the case if German lessons take place daily and at least 18 hours a week of teaching time are completed. Evening and weekend courses or integration courses are not sufficient.

Your livelihood is secured for the duration of your stay. Evidence can be provided by a Blocked account be provided.

Do you meet the requirements mentioned? Then find out more about the visa and immigration process.

What prospects does the language acquisition visa offer?

The visa or the residence permit language acquisition is granted for the duration of the language course, but for a maximum period of up to twelve months. During this time you are not allowed to pursue any gainful employment.

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