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10 reasons to live in Germany

Why Germany has been a popular destination for ex-pats?
Does this country offer plenty of job opportunities?
From lower cost of living to experiencing the beautiful nature and corners, Germany has always brought immense pleasure among the visitors.

Some of the popular reasons to live in Germany are –

Fair treatment -

In Germany, when you get a job, you can be assured that you will be treated fairly. It offers generous parental leave and has comparatively lesser working hours than the US.

Transportation -

Germany offers super-efficient transportation links in the major cities as well as rural areas. For a longer journey, it offers the ICE high-speed train travel too.
Healthcare – The healthcare system in Germany is well developed and highly modern. No ex-pat would face a language barrier because most of the hospital workers can speak the English language.

Climate -

Germany still enjoys all four seasons and has a soothing climate.

Food -

We all know, German cuisine is well-appreciated around the world. It emphasizes fresh seasonal produce.

Cost of living -

Germany is a safe and clean country with lots of green spaces and has a lower cost of living too.

Stable growth -

Germany offers a wealth of employment opportunities in the private sector. As per the 2030 forecast, some of the industry verticals that will see stable growth in the coming years are the healthcare, management, natural sciences, and engineering sector.
Domestic spending- Germany spends most of its domestic spending on research and development – marking the third-highest increase in the EU.

German natives -

You will be shocked by the German’s personality and discipline. The localities are easy to warm up to and quite direct and truthful with their answers.
Infrastructure – Germany has a highly developed infrastructure system that practices efficient government and law enforcement policies.

Conclusion –
So whether you are here for your career, people, or education, Germany is a land of opportunities where you can make the most of your skillsets. Reach out to Carelend Germany now to fulfill your dreams!

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