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CareLend – A complete Medical Professionals Recruitment Company in Germany

Nursing opportunities show a sharp uptick due to the increasing requirement and scope in medical science. From assisting the patients to supervising and managing the wards, there exist varied roles, duties and responsibilities within the nursing profession.

Looking to wide stretch opportunities, Carelend contributes crucially to the recruitment of medical nurses in Germany. It controls the full process from Providing German Language Training, all the way to obtaining the Nursing License.

Carelend has the resources, knowledge base, talent pool networks, and strategic nurse recruitment planning experience with 18+ years in recruiting nurses for Germany. From helping candidates with family reunification, getting jobs or through insurance policies, Carelend is here to serve your needs and requirements.

We help candidates through the following services-
  • Visa application and related
  • Adaptation course
  • Germany related compliances
  • Online study, training and courses
  • Language Learning
  • Company, personal and social integration

At Carelend, our primary goal is to bring endless opportunities for qualified experienced nurses who are registered and help them with secure placements. Besides that, our team and certified in charge officials consult them for filing visa applications, setting back in Germany, reuniting with their families and spouses, getting to know Germany and more.
We also boast of being the best recruitment agency of medical nurses that offers the best talent in Germany, particularly in the nursing profession. Throughout the process, we follow a well planned structural process while hiring the candidate.

Carelend is present in more than 7 countries around the world guaranteeing perfect results and the highest level of customer satisfaction with impeccable recruitment services and solutions. We are a team of 45,000 medical professionals who scrutinize every minute point before recruiting candidates and go the extra mile in serving their requirements at their best.
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