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Covid – Is vaccination a mandate for Nursing staff in Germany?

Working in Germany can be an exciting experience, however working in healthcare system has not been easy after facing the effects of covid-19. One of the best things for nurses from foreign countries is that Germany still needs more and more nursing staff to strengthen and expand its healthcare system. As part for this process and due to changing regulations, just like other countries, as of March 2022 onwards, Germany has also made vaccination mandatory for every individual employed in healthcare system. Since it’s a mandatory process, therefore unvaccinated staff could be banned or fired. Apart from that, the doses must be of a vaccine which has already been approved by European Union. Nursing staff often comes into contact with Covid patients, that’s why if a nurse does not provide an evidence of EU approved vaccination, he/she will not be able to work in Germany as a nurse as it shall be considered a breach of standard contractual responsibilities. As per the evaluation of European Medicines Agency’s (EMA), the commission has granted 5 conditional commercial authorizations for vaccines produced by BioNTech and Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Janssen, Pharmaceutical NV and Novavax.

Proof of any approved vaccination as per European Union guideline can make the process of working in German healthcare system easier and it will remove further obstacles. However, in case the vaccine administered by your national health department is not approved by European Union, then you have two possibilities:

  1.  If you have received both doses from your native country and then you would like to come to Germany then kindly note that your departure date must be two weeks i.e. 14 days after receiving the last dose.
  2. If you have received the first dose from your native country, 3-6 weeks prior to departure and then proceed to come to Germany. It is mandatory to receive your second dose upon arrival in Germany and you would be able to commence your work after waiting period of two weeks.

A smooth vaccination process which has been successfully completed as per EU guidelines can help nursing staff to commence work in Germany without facing issues.

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