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Describe the Modus Operandi at CareLend, how does it help Nurses from various countries to migrate to Germany as a professional Nurse?

The process for admission, registration and the remuneration after the adaption program in Germany is simple at CareLend. It is quoted for only 4500 euros & 500 euros as registration fees with an assured employment contract at the end of the program with a minimum salary of 1800 euros per month from the time they land in Germany… a dream come true for most nurses!

To join the CareLend programs in Germany, nurses primarily need to be Graduates of a nursing institute & need a B1 German language certificate. They also need to have a work license permit as a nurse in their country.

The Application Process with CareLend is divided into 5 simple stages
1. Document collection
2. Visa Application
3. Flying to Germany
4. Adaptation Course
5. Registered German nurse

1. The document collection or Preparation Phase involves:
• Pre-screening of candidates’ education and certificates.
• Experience certificates gained over the years.
• Elementary German language Course Certificates.
• Applying for deficit letter
• Translation of above documents to German by certified authorities.

The list of documents needed are

i) The license of work permit as a nurse

ii) Graduation certificate from a nursing institute

iii) The Number of ACTUAL hours, both theoretical & practical study

iv) High school diploma

v) Birth certificate

vi) Valid passport

vii) Certificate of experience, if any &

viii) CV

2. The visa Application or Pre-employment Phase involves:
Shortlisting of the German Healthcare Institutions.
Application to these Institutions.
Interview with the shortlisted German Healthcare Institutions.
Video conferencing call with the German HR team after an ID check.
Declaration of interest and/or issuing of an employment contract.
Application for an employment/work visa to relocate to Germany.

3. Flying to Germany

4. Adaptation course or Settlement Phase
Most start work as assistant nurses on a reduced pay scale at a German clinic which gives guidance through this recognition & qualification period.
Preparation of Equivalence Exam (including German terminology)
A German B1 is sufficient when applying but passing the German language exams with level B1/B2 is mandatory for getting the position.
Taking the equivalence exam.

5. Registered German Nurse
Application for a license to practice and become a qualified nurse in Germany.
Beginning employment as a qualified nurse on a full salary.
On completion of 3 years of a job, application for permanent residence in Germany.

So with the Modus Operandi at CareLend, Nurses & Health Care Workers from various countries are able to migrate to Germany as a professional nurse or health care provider quite easily.

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