iconDetailed Process Flow Chart

In order for foreign nurses to be able to successfully work in Germany the applicants must go through 3 major phases, mentioned below

Applicants Should
CareLend GmbH Must


Inquire online
Check registration requirements for each applicant. Provide necessary counseling.


Scan and upload copies of required documents by creating an account on our online portal https://portal.carelend.de/ or via Email to info@carelend.de

Verify the documents of each applicant.


German Language

Provide German language B1 Certificate, only GOETHE, ECL, ÖSD, or TELC are accepted. Achieved grades must not be less than 80% in all parts separately (speaking, reading, writing, and listening). *The required level of B1 can also be obtained during the Application process.

Send a confirmation if the nurse has been accepted to join the preparatory course. This step will happen after receiving the complete documents from the applicant. Note: Nurses with higher certificates than B1 will be preferred.


Governmental Affairs

Get the required documents attested & legalized and then get all these documents translated into the German language. These documents shall be then uploaded again to the online portal.

*Note: The translator must be an authorized person from the German embassy in your country.

Assist the nurse with translation if needed (In this case, the applicant himself/herself will bear the costs).


Governmental Affairs

Get all translated copies attested & certified by German Embassy and then send by post all these documents to CareLend head office in Borna through the offices of CareLend for further information please visit www.carelend.de

Apply at the Governmental office in Germany for the Deficit Letter

Governmental Affairs

Receive his/her Deficit Letter from the German governmental office. The applicant needs this deficit letter from Germany to appear for the visa interview at the German embassy in his/her home country.

Grant admission to Adaptation Course


Visa Application at  German Embassy

Book an appointment at the German Embassy. Prepare documents for visa application with the help of CareLend GmbH.

Provide the following documents :-
1. Employment Contract
2. Invitation Letter
3. Deficit Letter

Visa Interview

Prepare for visa interview
Provide personal counseling for visa interviews.

Visa Interview

Scan the visa and upload it to the online portal of CareLend https://portal.carelend.de/

Provide all needed information for coming to Germany (Pre-departure orientation).
Applicants Should
CareLend GmbH Must

Arrive in Germany

Share accommodation
provided for the entire duration of the preparation course. Costs: approximately €300/m (all costs incl.) Applicants can also choose to live independently.

Provide suitable Accommodation


Adaptation Course

Receive a net salary
(approx. € 2.065/m is the gross income while the net income amount will be approx.
€ 1460/m) during the
Adaptation course. This will start in the very first month right after joining the course.

Be responsible for the arrangement of this adaptation course.


B2 Level German

Start learning German
language Level B2 parallel during the adaptation course. You can finish this level in your home country also. In case you want to do it in Germany, please contact us
(info@carelend.de) directly to make some arrangements.

will arrange this.


Successful End of  Adaptation Course

Obtain German License to work as a registered Nurse

Support this.

Applicants Should
CareLend GmbH Must

Nurses Contract

Share accommodation
provided for the entire duration of the preparation course.
Costs: approximately €300/m
(all Costs incl.)
Applicants can also choose to live independently.

Will arrange this


Completion of 1 Year

Continue with the same employer with free accommodation or chose another Employer

Support in this Phase too.
You will be supported by CareLend GmbH for further 2 years after getting the License to work in Germany in private and occupational matters.