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High demand for Nurses in Germany

1) Germany requires nurses
Germany has an endless requirement of approximately 1.2 million skilled workers. There is a significant demand for qualified employees in the field of nursing, construction, and IT. Therefore, Germany has commenced implementing a new law that makes the visa process for nurses easier. Under the new law ‘’Fachkräfteeinwanderungsgesetz’’ [Skilled Immigration Act], more opportunities have been provided to qualified workers from outside the European Union to come to work in Germany. Therefore, if anyone has completed vocational training from a non-EU country, and it is recognized as per the German standards and has successfully cleared at least B1 level of German language from Goethe Institute, can get a German work visa. For more information about visas and recognition of professional qualifications, check

2) Why does Germany want more nurses?
The aging population is one of the key reasons for the high demand in the health, and nursing sector, as the number of individuals above 60 is rising rapidly and the birth rate is comparatively low. In addition to that, German citizens enjoy excellent living conditions and good health into old age. That is why; the German Nursing Council (DPR) has predicted up to 300,000 vacant positions in the nursing sector that have to be filled by 2030. These reasons lead to high demand and less availability of nursing staff, consequently, the federal employment agency has launched a recruitment drive, which encourages foreign nurses to relocate to Germany and avail a variety of benefits by working and living in Germany. One of the best advantages of being a nurse in Germany is job stability. Unlike other countries, Germany has a smart salary scale for nurses along with distinctive benefits like paid sick leave and vacation time.
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As we all know, Covid-19 has tremendously affected the entire world, and therefore medical and nursing profession is going to be in demand due to the rising need for healthcare workers globally. Furthermore, the rate of unemployment is quite lower in Germany than in other European countries. Thus, there are high chances of placement after completing the nursing course (recognized worldwide) in Germany. One can easily work as a nurse in most European countries after graduating from Germany. With the upcoming advanced technology in the medical sector, the young generation is urgently required in the German healthcare system.

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