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How does the Education System in Germany differ from that in other countries?

The education system in all the German states is uniformly well-organized & designed to be highly accessible to all students, right up to the university level, irrespective of their financial capacity. In short, German Public Schools – (elementary, secondary, or vocational) generally have no tuition fees. Compulsory education dictates that all students between the ages of 6 – 15 years need to attend school consistently and then start a university education by the age of 18. Students are thoroughly tested and evaluated at each stage of schooling & may have to repeat a grade to meet the requirements. In comparison to other countries, the German primary & secondary education are obligatory stages, even mandatory for disabled youth.

A little complicated, they consist of up to 5 different kinds of secondary schools (usually starting from Vth grade itself) namely, Early Childhood; Primary; Secondary; Tertiary; and continuing & there exist several paths leading to academic higher education, advanced technical training or a trade. After the primary education & the secondary education, the tertiary education stage is for all students, who may have completed the secondary education stage either in Germany or abroad. It allows them to attend higher education classes in universities, & clear the Bachelor/Master Levels or even the Diploma levels. During or after finishing the bachelor or master education, a supplementary 2-years course to further develop skills or specialize in a field of choice is also available, called postgraduate classes. The Ph.D. degree is the German 3rd higher education certification.

The comprehensive education guidelines of basic general education, administrative regulations for school attendance, management of higher education, etc. thus raise some of the most accomplished students in the world.

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