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You can also choose whether you prefer to study in a group or alone. Group courses usually cost less, and you can exchange ideas with classmates. One-to-one tuition is often more expensive but is tailored to your needs, and you can generally choose the time of the lesson.
The prices for a German course differ depending on the type of course and the country in which you want to learn the language. It is best to inquire directly with the providers about the costs. And when you come to Germany to work – ask your employer whether he will pay the fees.
Most language courses end with an exam that you must pass to take a higher-level course. Find out in advance whether there will be any fees for the exams.
Even if you do not have to provide evidence of German language skills to take up a job, passing exams is suitable for applications and on your résumé: Companies see so directly that you are committed and have language skills.

German courses take different lengths of time, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. Intensive courses can last one or more weeks; other courses can also last a whole semester. Depending on the type of course, they spend several hours a week or even a day in class and with homework. If you are employed, you can attend an evening course. Or you can take a language trip to Germany while on vacation.

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