More learning opportunities

You cannot learn German just through language lessons. There are many other offers to learn the German language and deepen what you have learned in the language course. You can choose from many other suggestions if there are no suitable courses at your location, if you prefer to study alone or if you want to get an impression of the language first. And of course, you can also use these forms of learning to deepen your knowledge from a language course:

Language tandem:

Learn a new language while teaching someone your language! This is how language tandems work. For example, if you are Italian and would like to learn German, look for a German who wants to learn Italian. Learning together in a relaxed atmosphere is fun, and in addition to the language, you also know a lot about people and culture. Many universities, as well as clubs and private providers, organize such tandems. The Ruhr-Universität Bochum has also set up a platform on which you can search for tandem partners with whom you can learn together online.

Films, television and radio:

Take advantage of the wide range of German movies and radio programs to expand your knowledge of German. Deutsche Welle – Germany’s international broadcaster – offers numerous radio programs in the German language, for example, slowly spoken news. You can also expand your knowledge of German through the varied television program on Deutsche Welle. You can borrow German films from the libraries of many Goethe Institutes or watch them directly there. You can find a Goethe-Institut near you on our world map ” Local contacts “.

Websites, newspapers, magazines and books:

To make it easier for you to read German and always learn new words, you can visit websites in German on the Internet. Or you use German newspapers, magazines and books. Many Goethe-Instituts have a wide range of media that you can read on-site or take home.

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