Migration advice

In the beginning, some things in Germany may be unfamiliar and strange to you. Migration counseling is available so that you are not alone with your questions. There you and your family will receive expert advice and unbureaucratic support in a personal conversation. Find out how counseling can help here.

Migration counselling helps

Migration advisory services support immigrants in settling into everyday life in Germany. For example, they help find a suitable language course or choose a school. You can also advise when looking for an apartment or a doctor. Many of them speak several languages or have contact with interpreters. Therefore, the advice is also open to everyone who speaks little or no German. The service of the migration advisory services is free of charge for you from state-sponsored providers. Your concerns will, of course, be treated confidentially.

Advice for young people with a migration background

There are more than 470 youth migration services (JMD) across Germany, especially for young people with a migration background between the ages of 12 and 27. The educational specialists in these facilities support the young people with a wide range of offers.

In addition to individual advice, this includes varied sporting, cultural and handicraft group offers. There are also application training and courses on dealing with new media.

Youth migration services cooperate with all relevant bodies and persons essential for integrating young people. For example, cooperation with schools, companies, and parents is necessary.

You can find the individual locations of the youth migration services at the various youth social work agencies and much more information on the youth migration services website.

Migration advice for adult immigrants

Migration advice for adult immigrants provides individual guidance and support in almost all daily life situations. Depending on your needs, you can use the offer for up to three years, regardless of whether you have been living in Germany for a long time or only recently. Migration counseling for adult immigrants currently has 600 counseling centers.

Migration advice for adult immigrants in your area can be found on the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees website.

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