Commitment to your country of origin

Even if you want to get involved in your country of origin, Germany offers a good basis and various options:

  • Association work / donations: Would you like to support a specific cause or project in your home country? Then you could, for example, collect donations in Germany, join an association or even found a new association yourself.

  • Exchange: It is also conceivable that you can use the contacts and experiences you have made in Germany: Perhaps your new company is interested in a constant exchange with your previous university in order to meet potential students Junior staff to promote. Or there is the opportunity to discover new markets for your employer in your country of origin or to contribute your knowledge and experience where it is particularly useful for the development of your country of origin.

  • Helping the family: For many people who have moved to Germany, it is important to support their family in their country of origin with material goods or financially with money transfers. The figures from the World Bank are impressive proof of this. According to this, in 2014 a total of almost 20.8 billion US dollars were privately transferred abroad from Germany. The fees for such transfers differ considerably depending on the provider and type of transfer. Therefore, the independent website offers the free possibility to compare different providers and methods for transfers abroad and thus to determine the cheapest offer in each case.

commitment to development

Many people with a migration background promote development in their countries of origin or other regions in a variety of ways. They can therefore be important bridge-builders between the worlds. Because people who know different cultures, languages ​​and regional contexts have multi-faceted potentials that can provide important impulses for understanding, cooperation and development. The Federal Government supports them through various initiatives and programs:

  • The Engagement-global.deplatform informs you about the various options for getting involved in development policy

  • The Center for International Migration and Development (CIM) supports you with various programs:

  • The programMigrants as Bridge Builders” supports non-profit migrant organizations that want to improve living conditions in their countries of origin from Germany.

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