Engagement in Germany

Would you like to get involved in the environment or socially? Or would you like to meet people from your country of origin or your religion? You will find a wide range of options in Germany.

It is up to you which voluntary commitment you choose because the law gives everyone in Germany the right to freely choose which legal association, party or religious community they want to join. However, there may be an admission or membership fee for membership. You can obtain the details from the respective organization. Of course, you can also found an association or an organization yourself.

commitment as a parent

Many schools and day-care centers in Germany rely on the commitment of parents. At parents’ evenings, you will regularly meet teaching and educational staff, but also other parents. You can also join a parent group. The constant exchange with teachers enables you to actively shape the everyday life of your child in the school or day-care center. In addition, you will be informed about the educational and schoolwork, you can make use of advisory services, but you can also contribute your own ideas. The teachers or other parents tell you exactly what you can do. You can also find parenting associations and associations on the German-language website “ Planet Beruf ”.

intercultural engagement

There are intercultural meeting places and migrant organizations in almost all cities. People of different origins, cultures, religions, age groups and nationalities come together here. In addition to social engagement, these associations usually offer a variety of intercultural activities – such as cultural festivals, leisure programs, sport, education and training funding. The main focus is on cultural exchange and respectful cooperation. In many cities, there is an office for multicultural/intercultural affairs or for integration, an integration officer or a council of religions. There, committed people work for a good coexistence of the different cultures and religions in Germany. Maybe you too feel like.

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