Children reunification

Children Reunification

Of course, you can also bring your children with you to Germany. Because: If you or your spouse have a right of residence in Germany, your underage children will also receive one residence permit or a right of freedom of movement and settlement.

With children to Germany

If the children are citizens of an EU / EEA country, they can enter Germany without a visa and live and work here without restrictions.

If the children are citizens of a country outside the EU / EEA, they usually need a visa for Germany. If you and your spouse have a valid residence permit for Germany, your children up to the age of 16 will also receive a residence permit for the purpose of bringing children together (Section 32 AufenthG).

You can also apply for a visa for your child as a single parent, but you need the consent of the second parent who has custody.

The following criteria must also be met for the visa to join children:

  • The child cannot be married, divorced, or widowed;
  • The child must not have reached the age of 18.

Birth of a child in Germany

Was your child born in Germany? If you have a valid at the time of birth residence permit in Germany, your child will also receive a residence permit in accordance with Section 33 of the Residence Act after the birth.

The child automatically receives German citizenship if at least one parent has German citizenship. Because in Germany that basically applies Descent principle In special cases, children can also acquire German citizenship at birth in addition to their parents’ citizenship. You can read about the provisions that apply to this in the section “Living permanently in Germany”.

There are special requirements for children over the age of 16. You can find out about this at the responsible German embassy. When your child has reached the age of 18, they usually have to apply for a separate residence permit.
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