Parental allowance

Parental allowance.

After the birth of a child, parents in Germany receive special financial support: parental allowance. The money helps young families if the parents do not work at all or work less in the first few months after the birth.

How long is parental allowance paid?

Parental allowance can be paid from the day of birth within the first 14 months of the child’s life. Both parents are jointly entitled to 12 monthly amounts of parental allowance. Two additional monthly amounts are added if both parents use the parental allowance and at least one parent has a reduced income for at least two months. Single parents can receive the 14 monthly amounts alone if their income has been reduced or has ceased to exist. The parents can freely divide the twelve or 14 monthly amounts among themselves. One parent can receive a minimum of two and a maximum of twelve monthly payments.

Parents can receive parental allowance at the same time or one after the other. For example, if the parents split the parental allowance in half, each of them can receive a maximum of seven monthly amounts – a maximum of 14 together.

How long is parental allowance paid?

Citizens from countries of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland can receive parental allowance if they live and work in Germany. You can also be entitled to parental allowance if you are a citizen of another country. There is also a so-called residence permit necessary, which gives you the right to work in Germany. That is true if you have a permanent residence permit have or one residence permit and are or were entitled to work in Germany, for example a blue card EU.

The family portal of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs provides further information on the requirements for receiving parental allowance in German.

How much is the parental allowance?

How much parental allowance you receive depends on your monthly net income before the birth of your child. It is a minimum of 300 euros and a maximum of 1,800 euros per month. Families with several small children, parents with multiple births, e.g. B. Twins or triplets as well as low-wage earners with incomes below 1,000 euros receive surcharges. The online parental allowance calculator on the German-language website shows you how much you can expect.

How and where do I apply for parental allowance?

Parental allowance is applied for in writing. Submit the application to the parental allowance office responsible for you. You can download the application form that applies to you from

It is not necessary to submit the application immediately after the birth of your child. Please note, however: the parental allowance is paid retrospectively for a maximum of the last three months before the application is submitted. So you shouldn’t wait too long.

The responsible parental allowance office can help you with detailed advice. You can also find the addresses on

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