Spouse reunification to Become an EU citizen

Spouse Reunification
To Become
an EU Citizen

Look forward to spending time together with your family in Germany. There are some requirements for family reunification. But as an international specialist you will certainly meet these requirements.

Are you an EU citizen, live and work in Germany and would like to bring your spouse to Germany? As an EU citizen with the right of free movement, your spouse and children can also live and work in Germany. Whether their family members have a special residence permit depends on your nationality.

The subsequent
partner is a
of a member
state of the EU, EEA

If your spouse is a citizen of an EU or EEA country, moving to Germany is very easy. Your spouse can live and work in Germany without restrictions. A special residence permit does not have to be applied for.

The subsequent
spouse is a citizen of
a country outside the EU

If you are an EU / EEA citizen and your life partner comes from a non-EU country, he or she.

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