Car insurance

Motor vehicle liability insurance

· If you own a car or motorcycle, you must take out this insurance. Without motor vehicle Liability insurance, you cannot register your vehicle in the first place. The insurance covers personal injury, property damage and financial loss if you cause an accident in your car or injure someone. The cost of insurance – the insurance premiums – can vary widely. They depend, for example, on the type of vehicle (car or motorcycle), the age of your vehicle and how many years you have not had an accident.

Comprehensive insurance

The motor vehicle liability insurance covers the cost of damage to the other party in the accident. You can voluntarily take out additional, comprehensive insurance for your vehicle. A distinction is made between partially complete and fully comprehensive insurance. The somewhat comprehensive insurance usually covers the following damage to your car:

*Theft or robbery
*Fire and explosion
*Storm, hail, lightning, flood
*Collisions with certain animals (such as roe deer or deer)
*Broken glass
*Cable damage after a short circuit

The fully comprehensive insurance also covers all accident damage – including accidents that you are responsible for – as well as damage caused by vandalism. Fully comprehensive insurance is beneficial for new vehicles, as the loss would be exceptionally high here. The cost of comprehensive insurance depends, among other things, on the excess (or excess). This is the amount that you will have to pay yourself in the event of a claim. It usually is around 150 euros for partially comprehensive insurance and between 300 and 500 euros for fully comprehensive insurance.

Cover letter: With a cover letter, the provider covers the costs if, for example, you have a breakdown or an accident and therefore need a towing service or a rental car. Often the letter of protection also includes repatriation transport. You can obtain the cover letter from motor insurance companies and automobile clubs.

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