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Social Insurance

As soon as you are employed subject to social security contributions, you will be insured in the branches of social security. This protects you against the major life risks of illness, unemployment, accidents, and the need for care. We will inform you about social security benefits and contributions here.

Household Insurance

With this insurance, you can ensure all items in your house or apartment. Household contents insurance pays, for example, if furniture and clothing are stolen or damaged by fire, storms or water damage. The costs for home contents insurance depend, among other things, on the size of your apartment. Household contents insurance can be particularly worthwhile if you keep valuable items in your home.

Accident Insurance

You are a member of the statutory accident insurance through your employer. This means that you are insured in the event of accidents at work or on the way to work. Most accidents happen during leisure time. A private accident insurance is ideal for this. While the medical treatment is regulated by the statutory health insurance, you can mitigate the financial consequences with a private accident insurance. The most important service provided by private accident insurance is protection in the event that you suffer disabilities as a result of the accident and are therefore unable to work as before. Then the insurance takes over the disability pension. You can also arrange services for restoring your health that are not covered by statutory health insurances.

Retirement Provision

The German statutory pension insurance is the most important and strongest pillar of our pension system. However, additional retirement provision makes sense and is necessary in order to be able to maintain the standard of living achieved in professional life in old age. The establishment of such a supplementary pension has been subsidized by the state since 2002. The principle is as simple as it is effective: If, in addition to your statutory pension, you also make provisions for your retirement age in Germany, whether privately or in the company, you will be subsidized by the state. With allowances and exemption from tax and contribution obligations.

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