Take out insurance

To be insured, take out an insurance contract with an insurance company. This specifies:

*Who or what is guaranteed?

*What is the insured event, i.e. in which case does the insurance company pay?

*What is the maximum amount that the insurance company pays? (Insurance amount)

Before you take out insurance, do some research. You can also talk to acquaintances, friends or colleagues. You can, of course, also contact a professional insurance advisor. Make sure, however, that he advises you independently. The consumer advice centre will also help you if you have any questions.
Once you have decided on an insurance company, arrange a personal meeting. So you can discuss all contract points and details. After that, it is recommended that you sleep over the whole night again before signing the insurance contract. If you are not quite sure about German yet, ask a friend or colleague if they can accompany you to the conversation.

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