1. Dress code

A well-groomed appearance and a clothing style that suits your professional situation go a long way towards making a good first impression. Your appearance and clothing are often the first things other people notice about you.

2. The interview and the first day in the new company

For your interview or the first day at your new job, you can ask your new employer for the dress code or get an impression on the company’s website – for example using photos of employees. In business life, especially at business negotiations, business lunches or formal occasions such as an interview, Germans tend to be conservative. A serious demeanor is therefore also reflected in their clothing.

3. Business dress for men and women

For formal occasions such as an interview, the number one business outfit in Germany is the suit. The color is subtle. Men’s suits are usually dark gray and blue or brown. They are combined with a light shirt and only your tie can give your outfit an individual accent. However, you should avoid ties with Santa Clauses or similar prints. Likewise, your stockings should match your shoes and suit.

The dress code for women mostly consists of a costume or a trouser suit. It is better to avoid bright colors and color combinations when choosing your clothes. Round off your outfit with well-groomed shoes that match your costume or suit in terms of color. Women, as well as men, should wear closed shoes. For women, your heels should not be too high (no higher than 6 cm).

Business outfits in which you show too much skin are generally not suitable for everyday work. Specifically, this means for women that blouses and tops do not have deep necklines and that the shoulders are covered. Skirts shouldn’t be too short and should end at least a hand’s breadth above the knee. If you choose a costume or skirt, wear silk tights with it too. If you want to be on the safe side, take another one as a replacement. Men should take care to wear long trousers and stockings that do not allow a view of their legs (not even when seated). The shirts are worn completely buttoned. In clothes with a good cut and of good quality you will not only feel comfortable, but also your appreciation for the business,

Also, ask friends and acquaintances who work in the same industry in Germany. The formal business look is not expected everywhere at all times. Because which style of clothing is the right one can vary from industry to industry. You will dress differently on a construction site than in the creative or financial sectors. During your first few days in the company, take a close look around and ask if there are unwritten rules – for example, “Casual Friday”, on which business dress can be replaced by casual clothing.
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