Have you found your business idea and want to put it into practice? Then it would be best if you got started in the independence preparation—the essential instrument for this: the business plan.

A business plan helps you plan your project step by step. It is crucial to convince someone of your business idea and your plans – banks, for example, use the business plan to check whether they will grant you a loan

Tip: get advice beforehand. A consultant can give you helpful information on improving your business plan.

How you should write your business plan, what belongs in the plan and what else you have to pay attention to can be found on the website of the start-up portal. Do you already know what should be in your business plan? Then the start-up platform shows you how to write it step by step.

Are you wondering whether your business idea is well thought out? Are you unsure of what your financial planning should look like? Then take a look at the checklists on the start-up portal.

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