Financing and funding programs

Do you know how much money you need to start your business? Then it is now a matter of raising the necessary capital. The founder platform offers an overview of the possibilities for this.

Equity and Bank Loans

A fundamental distinction is made between equity and debt when it comes to financing. Your equity is the financial foundation of your company. It includes your assets (e.g. cash and savings) and items you bring into your company (e.g. machines and systems). The more financial resources you have, the more independent you are. For banks, equity serves as security. Ideally, the equity should contribute at least 20 per cent to total capital. Surveys show that “inadequate collateral” and “insufficient equity” are the most common reasons banks reject a loan application.

You can obtain loans from a bank or savings bank. Which bank and which type of loan are best for your project depends on how much money you need and how long you need it. For example, you can find a suitable credit institution on the start-up platform. In general, the longer the term and the higher the bank assesses the risk, the higher the interest you will pay on a loan. Therefore, it is essential that you convince the bank of your project with a well-developed business/plan. It is also crucial that you have sufficient equity. Please note: Prepare yourself well for the interview with your bank advisor. Remember to include important documents that will make your argument easier. A realistic assessment of your strengths and weaknesses makes a trustworthy impression on your advisor.

Before you go to the bank interview, use one of the many advisory services for founders.

Funding programs

Germany supports start-ups with funding programs: financial start-up aid that gives you more security at the beginning. As a rule, these are public promotional loans that offer you, for example, more favorable conditions in terms of interest, terms or repayment. In order to be able to apply for funding, your place of residence and business operations must be in the Federal Republic of Germany.

In Germany, founders are offered various options for financial support:

Promotional loan: microcredits, microcredits from the federal states, promotional loans from the federal government;

Non-repayable grant: start-up grant, entry fee, grants for technology or knowledge-based start-ups.

You can find an overview of public funding programs in the start-up portal or in the funding database, which will guide you to the right offer step by step.
You can also find information on the respective promotional products directly from KfW Bankengruppe: you can use the product finder to find out which offers are suitable for you. The start-up platform’s funding program finder will also help you find support tailored to your needs.

You can also find a list of the national funding institutions at There you can find out which promotional bank there is in your state so that you can search for suitable promotional products there.

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