Job interview

The company thinks your application is interesting and has invited you for an interview

congratulations, you are a big step further. The interview gives you and the company the chance to get to know each other. Most of the time, you will meet a manager from human resources and from the relevant specialist department. You will likely be asked questions about your résumé, your expectations for the job and salary, and your skills and interests. They may also want to see how well you speak German or English. Some will also ask why you would like to work in Germany and what you expect from your life in Germany.

You can prepare well for the interview:

Find out about the company beforehand, for example. And prepare a few answers about your skills, strengths and weaknesses. For example, read through your résumé again and write down a few keywords for each point. Also think about questions that you could ask your interlocutors. This shows you are interested.

In addition to the content of the conversation - as is likely everywhere in the world - a few standards are important:

Be on time. The cell phone or smartphone should always be on display during the interview. And come in appropriate clothing: women usually in trouser suits or suits, men in suits with shirts and ties. However, industry-specific features must be taken into account here.

You don't live in

In Germany, travel expenses for job interviews are usually covered by the company. If you are applying from abroad, ask whether all costs will be reimbursed here as well. In this case, also ask the company whether you can conduct the interview over the phone or via video conference via the Internet. If the company would prefer to get to know you personally: Clarify whether you will have to pay the travel costs yourself or whether the company will cover the costs.

Non-EU citizens should also check which entry requirements apply to them. The job search visa gives you the opportunity to come to Germany for six months to look for a job. You have to bear any costs incurred.

The assessment

Companies often lead for higher positions – such as management jobs Assessment centers . This is a special type of selection process. Applicants master certain tasks together with other applicants: For example, group discussions, role plays or presentations may come up to you. The company wants to find out how you approach problems, deal with stressful situations and your Soft skills deploy.

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