Recognition procedure

In the “recognition procedure”, the so-called competent authority in Germany checks whether your foreign Professional qualification (Professional qualification describes the intellectual and social skills that are required in order to be able to exercise a certain profession.) is comparable to a German and whether there are any differences. The procedure is also called “equivalency check”. The responsible office will usually check your documents within 3 to 4 months as soon as they have been submitted in full. The portal ” Recognition in Germany ” explains exactly how the recognition procedure works and where you can find detailed information.

Result of the recognition process

Your foreign professional qualification will be recognized if it is equivalent to the German one. If significant differences are found during the equivalency test, it depends on the type of occupation:
In the case of non-regulated professions , the professional qualification is partially recognized if parts of the training are equivalent and others are not. The main differences to the German Reference occupation ( The reference occupation (also: Reference qualification) denotes a German Professional qualification. In the recognition process, the foreign qualification is compared with the German reference, checking for equivalence. The determination of the reference occupation applies to regulated and non-regulated professions.) will be communicated to you in a notification. You can usually compensate for significant differences with an adaptation qualification. You can then submit a follow-up application to receive full recognition.

In the case of regulated professions , the competent authority will determine a compensatory measure with which you can compensate for the main differences. If you successfully complete the compensatory action, equivalence will be determined. Further criteria for professional admission are then checked. The result of the recognition procedure is given in an official notification Recognition notice (Skilled workers who did not graduate in Germany often have to go through a recognition process before they can work. The recognition process checks whether the foreign qualification meets the requirements for access to the German labor market. After the examination, the applicants receive the notification of recognition. The document shows whether the foreignProfessional qualification with a German Reference occupation is fully equivalent.) communicated.

Supoose you want to work in a regulated profession in Germany, your professional qualification must be recognized as equivalent. If you want to work in a non-regulated profession, from one Third country (Third countries are countries that are outside an international treaty or a community (such as the European Union) come and bring a professional qualification (vocational training). You also need the “full” recognition. Only then can you get an appropriate one residence permit (The residence permit is the authorization that people from abroad need to enter and stay in Germany. Residence permits can be used as a visa,residence permit, blue card EU, permanent residence permit or a permit for permanent residence in the EU can be issued.) received as a specialist.
If you come from a non-EU country and your equivalence test revealed significant differences, you can obtain a residence permit for the purpose of recognizing your professional qualifications . This applies regardless of whether the profession is regulated or not. This allows you to travel to Germany to take a compensatory measure or an adaptive qualification. You can find more information on this in our section

Costs for the
recognition process

The recognition process can cost up to 600 euros, in individual cases even more. In addition, additional costs can arise for a recognition procedure, for example for the procurement of documents, translations, certifications, travel costs and possibly for compensatory measures or adaptation qualifications. You may be able to get funding for these costs. You can find more information on the “ Recognition in Germany ” portal .

The “Recognition in
Germany” portal

You can find detailed information on the recognition of foreign professional qualifications in Germany on the information portal of the federal government “Recognition in Germany” – for example: B. on the course of the recognition process, the required documents, contact with advice centers and information on financing the recognition. The “Recognition Finder” takes you to the body responsible for your application for recognition with just a few clicks. You will also find all the specific information you need to submit your application in the “Recognition Finder”.

The portal is available in German, English, Arabic, French, Greek, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

The portal can be reached via:

Further information available

The initial telephone consultation from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees can also help you. You can reach the hotline Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the following telephone number: +49 30-1815-1111. This hotline gives you initial information about the recognition of foreign professional qualifications in Germany in German or English.
You will come to the position for in-depth advice and support during the recognition process Central Service Point for Professional Recognition (ZSBA) in the Federal agency for work forwarded. You can also use the ZSBA immediately below the e-mail address:

recognition @ contact.

The ZSBA’s advisory specialists support you in compiling the required documents, correctly completing the necessary application documents and in communicating with the responsible authorities. In this way, those seeking recognition can plan their project in a targeted manner, avoid errors in implementation and thus save time. The advisory service is free of charge and non-binding.

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