Settling in

So that you feel comfortable in your apartment and your neighbourhood, we have put together a few tips for you:


When you have settled in a little, do the rounds and introduce yourself to your neighbours – this is, of course, voluntary, but thanks to this custom, you will quickly get to know new people, and you too will know who else lives near you.

Night Rest

Usually, no noise is made between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. so that everyone can get their well-deserved sleep. This means, for example, that you can only listen to music at room volume or that the washing machine cannot be run during this period.


Small animals, mainly kept in cages, aquariums or terrariums, can legally be kept in every apartment. When keeping larger animals such as dogs and cats, you must obtain your landlord’s consent in advance. Whether small or large: If you want to maintain a good relationship, inform your landlord in advance which animal roommate you would like to get yourself.


In almost all federal states in Germany, there are agreements about who cleans the hallway in an apartment building or the sidewalk in front of the house. But don’t worry – what might seem like a chore can quickly turn into a weekly chat and socializing with the neighbours!

Tap Water

Tap water is considered the best-controlled food in Germany. So you can usually drink water from the tap and use it for cooking. It would be best if you only had the water quality checked beforehand in old buildings due to the old pipes.


Did you know? We Germans are the undisputed world champions in waste separation. Whether blue, yellow, green or black bin: Collecting, separating and sorting helps protect the environment by recycling raw materials.

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