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Progress in digitizing nursing care in Germany

Germany is an advanced country, which is quite developed in technology, and digitization is one of the key factors of this era. Just like other fields, the medical and healthcare system has also adopted digitization in most of its activities.

The adoption of digital infrastructure by physicians has increased recently in Germany. According to a recent study, around 90 per cent of general practitioners are connected to the telematics infrastructure, which is the backbone of the German digital healthcare system.

The German act to improve Healthcare provision through Digitalization and Innovation, which was approved on 7 Nov 2019 and adopted on 29 Nov 2019 by Bundesrat, has created apps for prescription, online video consultations and access to secure healthcare data networks for treatment everywhere.

Digitization has made it easier for patients to take medicines regularly and document their blood sugar levels through apps. As far as telemedicine consultations are concerned, they have increased tremendously during the Covid-19, as this was the best solution to consult a doctor without being infected. It has increased from fewer than 3,000 in 2019 to 2.7 million in 2020; this data itself shows the importance of digitization and the need for digital infrastructure considering the present conditions after the pandemic.

Therefore, the most popular category i.e. online appointment-booking app out of five e-health apps has been downloaded more than 400,000 times.

As per the BPA study, around 89% of inpatient and outpatient nursing care companies rely on digital processes for documentation or billing. In addition to that, digitization stores valuable data, which can be viewed anytime and consequently, duplicate examinations and breaks can be avoided.

The digital platform strengthens health literacy and transfers health-related data back to doctors in an automated way, through which a complete track of a patient’s prescription is recorded in the system.

The digital platform can make the continuous care and monitoring of patients easy for nurses or caregivers by allowing them full access to patient information and record their findings on a tablet.

The federal government of Germany has a long way to progress in digitizing nursing care, and therefore it is providing funds for projects such as patient portals or telemedicine applications, and soon it will be installed everywhere.

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