Funding opportunities

If you want to start studying in Germany, you can receive a scholarship under certain circumstances:

The German Academic Exchange Service DAAD  annually awards around 120 full scholarships for studying in Germany. These are aimed at particularly talented non-German graduates from German schools abroad (DAS),  German language diploma schools (DSD), and “fit schools ”. Candidates with excellent academic performance and an expected very good school leaving certificate will be proposed directly by the school or the school management for the DAAD scholarship. For further information,   please contact your school or a DAAD regional office in your area directly.

The “ BIDS – Supervision Initiative for German Schools Abroad and Partner Schools ” offers motivation grants for studying in Germany especially for graduates from German schools abroad. Students from their first university semester or college classmates can receive financial support for up to two years. The universities are responsible for awarding scholarships and places to take part. If you are interested in a BIDS motivational scholarship, it is best to inquire directly at one of the participating universities. Information on this can be found on the DAAD website.

For pupils at certain schools in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Georgia, the Goethe-Institut offers the ” Studienbrücke Deutschland ” program to start studying at a partner university of the program in Germany immediately after graduation. The “Studienbrücke” scholarship program includes language courses, intercultural study preparation courses, and courses that prepare for exams. It is aimed specifically at 9th-grade students with outstanding knowledge of the theMINT-Fans. Further information on the program is available here.

You can find out which other funding opportunities are available for studying in Germany on the website of the German Academic Exchange Service.

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