Perspectives after the training

Perhaps it is still a little early – but once you have successfully completed your training in Germany, you have various perspectives:

Do you work in a company?

Many companies in Germany are currently looking for trained specialists. The chances are therefore good that you will be taken on by your company immediately after your training. If the company cannot hire you or if you would like to get to know a new company, you will find tips for looking for a job in the ”Jobs” section. Are you from a country outside the EU and have you successfully completed your vocational training in Germany? If you are looking for a job in Germany, a residence permit can be granted for up to 12 months (according to Section 20 (3) No. 3 of the Residence Act).

Educate Yourself

You may also want to develop yourself further and take on more responsibility. Then you have the opportunity to take part in further training in Germany. This enables you to specialize, advance your career, or become self-employed. Which further training is suitable for you depends on your occupation and your industry.

Technical Professions

If you work in the field of construction or mechanical engineering, then you can train yourself to become a “state-certified technician”. For such technician training, you attend a technical school and take a state examination. The full-time training takes at least two years.

Craft Professions

If you have learned a craft profession, you can, for example, train yourself to become a master craftsman. The Championship title is a state-recognized professional qualification in Germany. After completing their training, many masters work in management positions or set up their own businesses. In addition, masters are allowed to train young people in their profession.

Of course, in every profession, you also have the opportunity to train yourself in special areas. The possibilities differ depending on the profession. You can find out what exactly is suitable for your profession under BERUFENET.

For example, if you want to do further training to become a master craftsman, technician, specialist clerk, you may be entitled to financial support: the “Aufstiegs-BAföG”. You can find out whether such funding is an option for you at


After completing your training, you can also study at a university. For this, you usually need a university entrance qualification – a certificate that allows you to study in your country of origin. But there are also exceptions: With a German Championship title, For example, you can study all subjects at German universities. Don’t have one Championship title, but already some years of professional experience, you can, under certain conditions, study subjects that are similar to the subject of your training. Simply ask the university of your choice which specific requirements you have to meet.

Would you like to study and pursue your job at the same time? That is also possible in Germany. You can either study alongside your job in your free time, part-time, or at the distance learning university. You can find more information on this here.

Further information on studying in Germany can be found under ”Studies“.

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