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Through an adaptation course from CareLend GmbH

Contingent upon the need for a federal state, foreign nurses have to breeze through specific tests to get their professional permit or approval to fill in as a nurse. To clear these tests, generally, excellent preparation is required – linguistically and technically!

As per § 66a Paragraan training. Foreign nursing staff with unfamiliar foreign qualifications- specifically from EU third nations – should apply for acknowledgment of their qualifications to the separate state authority (ideally before leaving for Germany). Generally speaking, the qualifications for a profession are not compared with a German qualification in the nursing field. Accordingly, the candidate or the foreign caregiver gets the alleged shortfall notice.

This permits the professional to pick one of two choices:

Participation in the knowledge test after arriving in Germany.

This choice isn’t suggested because there are to be sure contrasts between the international curricula and the curricula in the 16 federal states of the FRG. This implies that the probability that the candidate will pass this test is somewhat low.

Participation in an adaptation measure with a certified provider of such measures.

The length of the adaptation measure shifts from one individual to another is not entirely set in stone by the particular state authority. This action incorporates a theoretical part, where the nurse partakes in frontal teaching, as well as a practical part in a clinical office.

The adjustment measure plans to wipe out all theoretical and practical deficiencies in foreign qualifications that have been recognized by the able state authority.

CareLend upholds foreign nurses and employers from Germany in eliminating all shortages in their foreign qualifications recognized by the applicable state authority and kept in the “deficit notification”. This is finished through a modular adaptation measure that is separately adapted to each foreign nurse.

Here you will figure out exhaustively every step from the meeting to the receipt of a professional certificate or professional license of your representatives as an expert in the nursing area. Until the foreign nurse shows up in Germany, all means are non-restricting for you as an employer. We expect different kinds of costs ahead of time. Please click here to figure out more.

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