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Our nurse training program is held in participation with CareLend Germany and the nursing schools in that. This vocational training is also known as Ausbildung in Germany for foreigners. Through normal individual feedback and improvement gatherings, students are directed seriously by educators. CareLend also supports interns in hospitals in Germany, like the adjoining area of Borna and Zwenkau. Carelend is amongst the best Ausbildung in Germany for foreigners.

Theoretical lessons are presented by clinical and nursing schooling experts, nursing educators, and other expert instructors. Every one of them offers you a clarification/training in the accompanying areas of learning:

During the practical training stage, the learner gets to know the centers in the participating medical clinics of CareLend Germany in the teaching program as well as all areas of nursing in the collaborating offices and divisions.

Your Compensation while studying nursing

To begin studying nursing in Germany, you should have a work contract as a nursing understudy in a clinical office. Our collaboration office CareLend Germany will give this agreement.

The compensation relies upon the public authority’s meaning of nursing understudies:

Moreover, understudies get a laptop for training toward the beginning that they can take home with them and after finishing the study effectively, the understudy can keep this laptop.

Conditions for joining the study (Requirements to apply for Ausbildung in Germany)

Scholarly capability, basically a secondary school

diploma, for my knowledge

The student should be medically fit

Declaration of finishing B2 in the German language with a success rate of killing 80% of the last grade in the four language components before traveling

The student probably got good grades in chemistry and biology subjects during the school course

She probably trained in a clinical office for a year

The candidate should pass the psychological and scientific fitness test that will be conducted by the organization

Educational Structure

The typical term of study is 3 years full-time and shifts back and forth between theory and practice.

The theory stage comprises 2100 hours

The practical stage incorporates 2500 hours. The application is done in adjoining clinic departments and facilities.

During the training time frame, work in the early morning or the customary day or night term is obligatory during the practical stage

The study closes with an oral, written, and government assessment

While applying for a study seat, the accompanying documents should be submitted recorded as a hard copy or through email to ausbildung@maleipzig.com

CV in tabular form

A duplicate of the last diploma or the last diploma for school studies.

A duplicate of all school certificates that went before the last academic year

Assess the nursing training that you have accomplished for a portion of a year in a clinical office.

On the off chance that the candidate has previously begun or finished college studies, a certificate demonstrating this or a graduation certificate should be submitted

Power of Attorney from the Candidate to CareLend so that we might contact authorities, make applications, and so on for their sake

B2 certificate in the German language

The agreement between the candidate and the organization

Motivation letter Motivation Sheet

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