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Parental Allowance

After the birth of a child, parents in Germany get special financial support: parental allowance. The money helps young families if the parents don’t work by any means or work less in the initial first few months after birth.

The Parental allowance can be paid from the day of birth within the initial 14 months of the child’s life. Both parents are mutually qualified for 12-month-to-month measures of parental allowance. Two additional monthly amounts are added if the parents use the parental allowance and no less than one parent has decreased pay for no less than two months. Single parents can get the 14 monthly amounts alone if their income has been reduced or has ceased to exist. The parents can openly split the twelve or 14 monthly amounts between themselves. One parent can get at least two and a limit of twelve monthly payments.

Parents can get a parental allowance simultaneously or in a steady progression. For instance, if the parents split the parental allowance in half, every one of them can get a limit of seven month-to-month amounts – a limit of 14 together.

Citizens from countries of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland can get parental allowance assuming they live and work in Germany. You can likewise be qualified for a parental allowance if you are a resident of another country. There is likewise a so-called residence permit necessary, which gives you the right to work in Germany. That is true if you have a permanent residence permit or one residence permit and are alternately qualified for work in Germany, for instance, a blue card EU.

The family portal of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs gives additional information on the prerequisites for getting a parental allowance in German.

How much parental allowance you receive depends on your monthly net income before the birth of your child. It is at least 300 euros and a limit of 1,800 euros each month. Families with several small children, parents with multiple births, for example, B. Twins or trios as well as low-breadwinners with wages under 1,000 euros receive surcharges. The online parental allowance calculator on the German-language site shows you the amount you can anticipate.

Parental allowance is applied for writing. Apply to the parental allowance office responsible for you. You can download the application structure that concerns you from Familienportal.de.

Presenting the application following the introduction of your child isn’t required. Kindly note, that the parental stipend is paid reflectively for a limit of the last three months before the application is submitted. So you shouldn’t wait too long.

The responsible parental allowance office can assist you with detailed advice. You can likewise track down the addresses on Familienportal.de.

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