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Parental Leave

Would you prefer to invest much time as possible with your family after the birth of your kid and intrude on your professional activity or work somewhat less? That isn’t an issue in Germany. After the birth of a child, mothers and fathers reserve the privilege to put a hold on their work, known as “parental leave”. Then, at that point, you can completely deal with the family. During this time, the employer may only terminate the employment relationship in special exceptional cases (for example bankruptcy, the closure of the organization, or a break of obligation). After parental leave, moms and fathers reserve the privilege to get back to the working hours that were active in the employment contract before the beginning of the parental leave. To apply for parental leave, the so-called parental allowance offices will help you.

In Germany, mothers and fathers can apply for parental leave assuming they are employed; that is, you are an employee and have a German employment contract. This applies to fixed-term contracts, part-time agreements, marginal employment, and also for apprentices in an organization. After getting back to the organization, the preparation go on as expected. Before the beginning of the parental leave, be that as it may, the trainee ought to ask the competent chamber or culture authority how the return to work after parental leave is managed.

The right to so-called “parental leave” exists until the kid arrives at the age of three. Students, trainees, the self-employed, or the unemployed are not qualified for parental leave.

If the two guardians of a child are employed, they can take parental leave on the other hand or simultaneously. It is significant, notwithstanding, that parental leave is just accessible for working mothers and fathers who additionally live in the same family with the child and who for the most part care for their kid themselves.

You can choose for yourself the length of your parental leave. Generally speaking, parental leave will start with the birth of the child (for example parental leave of the father) or after the maternity leave period (parental leave of the mother). Regardless, you are qualified for parental leave until your kid turns three. You likewise have the choice of transferring a portion of your parental leave of two years until you arrive at the age of 8. Such an exchange doesn’t need the assent of the business.

As a mother or father, you can separate the whole parental leave into three periods. To take parental leave within the initial three years of the child’s life, you should register the parental leave with your employer seven weeks before the (planned) begin.

For parental leave that will be taken between the child’s third birthday celebration and the kid’s eighth year of life, the period is 13 weeks before it starts. The employer is obliged to give you a composed affirmation of the span of the parental leave.


During parental leave, you can work as long as 30 hours every week with the agreement of your employer. Under specific circumstances, you even have a lawful right to it.

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