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Travel Destination Germany

Germany’s area extends over 357,137 square kilometers. From the North Sea and the Baltic Sea in the north, across a wide variety of landscapes in the interior of the country, such as lush forests, river and lake landscapes, the low mountain range or urban regions, to the Alps in the south, on the borders with Austria and Switzerland. Here is also the highest mountain in Germany, the Zugspitze, with a height of 2,963 meters. The longest river in Germany is the Rhine with 865 kilometers.

The capital and largest city of Germany is Berlin with 3.4 million inhabitants. Other megacities are Hamburg (1.8 million), Munich (1.3 million), and Cologne (1.1 million). There are over 10,000 different cities in Germany. Look forward to pulsating metropolises, modern architecture, historical sights, and much more.

Get to know the fairytale side of Germany. Castles, parks, and gardens invite you to romantic tours and wonderful excursions. Go on a voyage of discovery, for example in Bavaria, which is home to the dream castles Neuschwanstein and Herrenchiemsee and the English Garden in Munich. There is something unique to discover here and in other federal states.

In addition to cities and sights, you shouldn’t miss the traditions and culinary delicacies from the old days on your trip to Germany. Let yourself be inspired by it at festivals and markets or go to museums or exhibitions on a journey through time to the beginnings of groundbreaking inventions such as the automobile, the tram, or the bicycle.

Whether theater, concerts, festivals, exhibitions, or trade fairs – there is always something going on in Germany. Find exciting events here.

Germany is rich and has interesting landscapes. In the numerous nature parks, biosphere reserves, and national parks you can experience some unique flora and fauna. Whether on foot, on horseback, by bike, or by boat – explore protected nature and enjoy the biodiversity and deep relaxation.

Do you like to hike? Then you have come to the right place in Germany. Here you will find everything a hiker’s heart desires: Many routes of various categories, a well-signposted network of paths of around 200,000 kilometers in total with mountains, cities, seas, lakes, forests, and much more. Do you prefer to travel by bike? No problem. On more than 200 long-distance cycle paths and a total length of 70,000 kilometers, you can discover tourist highlights of the metropolises and romantic paths through nature in Germany. The choice is too great to stay at home!

Whichever trip you choose, whether for a city break or an excursion into nature, in Germany you will find accommodation for your needs at every location. From campsites to holiday apartments and luxury hotels – Germany impresses with its high standards and a wide range of options. Youth hostels are also popular accommodations for travelers in Germany. The German youth hostels are particularly attractive to young travelers, groups, and families, but everyone is welcome here – from young to old.

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