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Health Insurance

We wish that you become sick as rarely as possible in Germany. Assuming you or your family do require a doctor, you will find that you can get help quickly and cheaply. Germany has a dense network of hospitals, medical practices, and pharmacies.

As an employee, you are constantly covered by health insurance – either as a member of statutory health insurance or private health insurance. Assuming you become ill, the health care coverage organization will take care of the expenses of clinical treatment. The basic insurance coverage of the legal medical coverage organizations stretches out to the accompanying advantages:

  • Outpatient medical treatment, for example in a doctor’s office
  • Dental care
  • Medicines and remedies or aids
  • Inpatient stays and treatments, for example in hospitals
  • Medically necessary rehabilitation measures
  • Benefits for pregnant women and during childbirth
  • On the off chance that your life partner isn’t working, you can take out legal health care coverage for them. You won’t bring about any extra expenses. The equivalent goes for your children.

Coincidentally: on the off chance that you take out health insurance, you are consequently covered by long-term care insurance. The care insurance steps in on the off chance that you are z. B. can never again focus on themselves because of a serious illness – for example, needing assistance from a carer.

What is the health card?

When you are an individual with legal health insurance, you will accept your electronic health card, a sort of health insurance membership card. There is a photograph of you on this card. Furthermore, name, date of birth, address, insurance number, and insurance status are saved. You present the card each time you visit a specialist so the specialist can later settle the treatment with the health insurance organization. The health card is substantial in each of the 28 EU nations as well as in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland. This implies: If you become sick while on holiday or a work excursion in these nations, the health card gives you admittance to neighborhood clinical consideration. It is prudent to learn about the methodology in a crisis with your health insurance company sooner or later before traveling to another country.

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