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A well-groomed appearance and a dress style that suits your professional situation go quite far toward establishing a good first impression. Your appearance and dress are often the primary things others notice about you as a business culture in Germany.

For your interview or the first day at your new job, you can ask your new employer for the dress code or get an impression on the company’s website – for instance utilizing photographs of employees. In business life, particularly at business negotiations, business lunches, or formal occasions such as an interview, Germans will quite often be moderate in the business culture. A serious demeanor is thus likewise reflected in their dress.

For formal events, for example, an interview, the main business outfit in Germany is the suit. The color is subtle. Men’s suits are usually dark gray and blue or brown. They are combined with a light shirt and just your tie can give your best casual outfit an individual accent. However, you should avoid ties with Santa Clauses or similar prints. In like manner, your stockings should match your shoes and suit.

The dress code for women mostly consists of a costume or a trouser suit. It is better to keep away from bright colors and color combinations while picking your garments. Adjust your outfit with well-groomed shoes that match your costume or suit in color will be the best casual outfit. Ladies, as well as men, should wear closed shoes. For ladies, your heels should not be excessively high (no higher than 6 cm).

Business casual outfits in which you show a lot of skin are generally unsuitable for everyday work. In particular, this implies for ladies that blouses and tops don’t have deep necklines and that the shoulders are covered. Skirts should not be excessively short and should end at least a hand’s broadness over the knee. If you choose a costume or dress, wear silk leggings with it as well. If you want to be on the safe side, accept another one as a replacement. Men should take care to wear long trousers and stockings that don’t permit a perspective on their legs (not even when seated). The shirts are worn buttoned. In clothes, with a decent cut, and of good quality you won’t just feel great but also your appreciation for the best business casual outfits,

Additionally, ask friends and acquaintances who work in the same industry in Germany. The formal business look isn’t normal wherever consistently. Because which way of dress is the right one can vary from one industry to another. You will dress more distinctively on a construction site than in the creative or financial sectors. During your initial days in the company, take a close look around and ask if there are unwritten rules – for example, “Casual Friday”, on which business dress can be replaced by casual clothing.

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