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First Impression

In business life, you will frequently meet new individuals – whether in the new division, at customer appointments, or at conferences. In Germany, great importance is attached to the greeting and correct salutation which is considered the first impression that is very important in Germany.

The fundamental guideline in business life is that you greet individuals first who are in rank above you. These incorporate, for instance, superiors, older colleagues, but also customers. Contingent upon the hour of the day, you can say hello with a friendly and audible “Good morning”, “Good day” or “Good evening”. On the off chance that you are greeted by colleagues or your chief – for instance in the corridor of your organization or on the way to work – you generally say hello back. Not greeting is viewed as exceptionally rude in Germany. Furthermore, don’t be timid: look at your partner without flinching in a well-disposed way. That doesn’t appear to be intrusive but instead signals your attention.

In Germany, you are frequently greeted with a handshake. If your hand is held out to greet you, you respond to the proposal with a short strong handshake with your right hand. Pay attention to your body language and don’t place your left hand in your pocket, for instance.

Whenever you first meet somebody, present yourself momentarily with your first and last name. Consequently, the individual you are addressing will present themselves. To make the casual conversation simpler, you can likewise express your position in the organization. This permits you to begin a discussion and get to realize yourself better. In Germany, it is normal practice to carry on with work.

 If you partake in a meeting or a business negotiation and go into the conference room, greet all members who are already present first. Then again, it is viewed as respectful – for instance, while dealing with clients – when you stand up to greet a participant when a participant arrives.

 If you bring a new colleague to a meeting or business appointment, take over the control of the prologue to make it simpler for the person in question to begin. Include the full name (first and last name) and, if applicable, the academic title of the individual as well as their position.

Your body language uncovers a ton about you – how you are doing, whether you are seen as intrigued or tired. Different gestures and postures can – contingent upon the culture – have various implications.

While actual closeness in some (business) cultures signals sympathy and belonging, in German business life accentuation is put on actual distance. Your conversationalists will see the value in a decent safe distance. Approach them with respect and courtesy. Using your body language to express your interest is an effective way to communicate this: smiling, standing up straight, and making eye contact. Then again, it is thought of as rude to keep away from eye-to-eye connection during a discussion or a meeting or to continually take a look at the phone, tablet, or other documents.

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