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Start-Up Advice

Good advice can help make your start-up a success. In any case, take advantage of the opportunity to be supported by an expert.

Many public advice centers in Germany can assist you with setting up a business. You can likewise track down a general list of contact people on the start-up funding portal. The authority guide gives you information about which guidance focuses are in your area.

You can likewise enlist a private consulting company to help you plan and take your first entrepreneurial steps. Federal Republic states of Germany offer a sponsorship to cover the costs of this consultation. Your place of residence and business should be in Germany. You can find out where you can apply for this grant on the start-up portal.

Note: It is normal practice to plan entirely for counseling sessions. Feel free to address business issues directly, concrete questions are better received in Germany than long small talk.

You can find the addresses of the regional and nationwide advice centers explicitly for founders with a migration background on the start-up funding program portal under “Advice and addresses”.

The IQ Network’s Migrant Economics Unit likewise gives information and support to individuals from abroad while setting up a business.

Women who need to begin a business can find information on start-up funding and network on the portal for female entrepreneurs.

As an independently employed individual, you want commercial knowledge. Do you lack expertise in this area? Are you looking for a refresher course? Then, at that point, we encourage you to partake in further training. In seminars, for instance, you can get familiar with the essentials of accounting and bookkeeping.

There are training opportunities nationwide from a wide range of associations. Most importantly, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry (IHK) and the Chambers of Crafts (HWK) offer seminars on setting up a business in your area.

You can likewise find a large selection on the KURSNET page. Adult education centers are likewise good contact points.

Indeed, even after the actual company formation, there are numerous advice options. A specialist can assist you with upgrading business processes and further developing your business planning. You can track down an initial overview of the various offers on the company portal of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)

Germany offers incredible possibilities for international companies that are wanting to grow in Germany by establishing a subsidiary or branch. You can find detailed information and support on this on the Germany Trade & Invest website.

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