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Employment Contract

What should be in your employment contract?

In any case, your oral employment contract should contain the following information:

Name and address: From you and the company.

Start of contract: From what date are you an employee of the company (for example when is the contract valid?

Time limit: Is your contract only valid for a certain period? When does the contract end? A time limit should be agreed upon in writing, in any case, the employment contract is considered to be concluded for an indefinite period.

Trial period: How long is the trial period? This is the point at which you or the organization can end the contract relatively quickly.

Work environment: Where will you work? Assuming you will be working in various areas, this ought to be stated in the contract.

Job description: What will your tasks be in the organization?

Working hours: How long do you need to work each week?

Excursion: How long of a getaway might you at any point take each year?

Pay: How much cash will you get for your work? Will the organization pay you bonuses or bonuses in addition to your normal wages, for instance at Christmas or for weekend work? When does the organization pay the wages – toward the end or the start of the month?

Please note: As a rule, gross compensation is settled upon. Taxes and contributions for social insurance such as health, long-term care, pension, and unemployment insurance are deducted from these amounts.

Notice periods: How long ahead of time do you or the company need to give notice that the employment relationship is to be terminated by giving notice?

Collective agreements and works agreements: In addition to the employment contract, special regulations often apply. Employers’ associations and trade unions, for instance, have finished up collective agreements in many branches of the economy. Collective agreements can regulate wages, bonuses, or vacation entitlements, for instance. Companies can also conclude contracts themselves with their works council – as a representative of the employees’ interests. These are called company agreements. You can find out if such job contracts concern you. A reference to this can likewise be found in your job contract.

You applied and got a job offer. Congrats! Nothing stands in the way of your career in Germany. You should simply sign the employment contract. Here are some of the tips on what to look out for.

Reputable employers will constantly send you a written job contract. Peruse the contract cautiously before marking it. On the off chance that you don’t figure out something, no issue: ask the HR division or the company’s HR manager. Oral employment contracts are not common in Germany.

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